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Reiki And Crystal Healing

What I Offer

Reiki Grid

A crystal grid is a special grouping of stones laid out in a particular formation for a specific purpose. 

I use  the grid to provide  an ongoing connection with reiki for clients. 

Reiki Sessions and Aura Clearing

Reiki sessions

Long distance Reiki Sessions

Aura Clearing sessions

Crystal Healing

I use crystals that were made by  a Canadian Aboriginal Métis medicine man.

Th crystals are used for different purposes and are usually used as part of reiki and aura cleansing sessions



" Life can feel like a pressure cooker sometimes--and there are people in this world that can help let that pressure out--Anwar is one of them."


" Thank you so much for all that you have done for our students. Your calm an kind manner was such a welcome addition to our staff "


" His debut shaman work has done wonders for my right shoulder.  With his help I was able to drop the fear and overprotectiveness I had for it from when it was frozen all last year, simply expect it to behave like a healthy shoulder from now on, and it is cooperating nicely! "


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