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Expressive arts therapy is a client centered intermodal  approach to therapy that is catered to you. There are no problems to fix or symbols to interpret.  It is all about you and your journey. One that is facilitated by imagination through creativity. You do  not need previous art training or experience, and you don't need to consider yourself artistic or creative to benefit from this work. This work is for everyone. It does not discriminate by age or ability. Simply bring your curiosity to explore the arts and yourself. Some of the modalities I work with are: visual arts, clay, play and sand tray, mask, movement, writing, drama, puppetry.

What I Offer

children therapy
art therapy
creative therapy egypt
through the mask
healing art
play therapy
One on One Expressive Arts and PlayTherapy for Children

One on one Expressive arts and play therapy sessions for children

Sessions can complement other behavioral work.

Group Expressive Arts For Children

Expressive arts groups at:

  • Schools

  • Clinics and centers

  • Hospitals

One on One and Group Expressive Arts Sessions for Adults

Modalities I work with

  • Play and Sand Tray

  • Visual Art

  • Clay 

  • Movement

  • Mask

  • Puppetry

  • Drama

  • Storytelling

  • Writing



" Life can feel like a pressure cooker sometimes--and there are people in this world that can help let that pressure out--Anwar is one of them."


" Thank you so much for all that you have done for our students. Your calm an kind manner was such a welcome addition to our staff "


" His debut shaman work has done wonders for my right shoulder.  With his help I was able to drop the fear and overprotectiveness I had for it from when it was frozen all last year, simply expect it to behave like a healthy shoulder from now on, and it is cooperating nicely! "



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